atto costitutivo 1801Hystory of Pharmacy

The pharmacy, at the foundation called “At Redeemer”, started the business 18 March 1801 in Salt Road, as it appears from the original permission granted the apothecary Francesco Boara, signed by Count Brigido C. Lederer, then authority of Trieste, and still kept in the pharmacy. In 1854 the headquarters moved to Course 667 and in 1870 assumed the current name “Al Corso” as can be seen from the preserved documents.
The pharmacy-run, then called “apothecary”, began with Francesco Boara, went to his death (1836) by Cecilia widow, who in 1870 gave the exercise pharmacist superintendent Antonio Cignola; the heirs of these associated themselves with Pizzul family, from which the current owner, Dr. Tullio Barich Sagrati, the 1.1.1974 acquired today’s exercise in Corso Italy.
Today the company is led by the owner, Dr. Tullio Barich Sagrati, as the family business with his son Dr. Simon and with his wife Mariella Menegotto, and with the collaboration, as employees, the Cosatto Lorraine doctors and Francesca Zumin.

All ‘inside the pharmacy are exhibited documents and objects of high historical value: the original opening act in the thirteenth apothecary Trieste dated March 18, 1801 and signed by the authority of Trieste Brigido Count Lederer, the characteristic black with golden insignia of the first characters the ‘900 with the inscription trilingual “Pharmacy” – “Pharmacy” – “Chemist”, the Austrian Pharmacopoeia of 1780, a British mid’ 800 Pharmacopoeia, the Italian Pharmacopoeia (1892), many porcelain vases and glass, mortars, stills, spreader beams, pewter graduated from the Napoleonic era and a ‘ “Bayer Aspirin” enriched by art nouveau decorations engraved with the date August 30, 1898.


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